Student Life

Enjoy studying on a campus with an abundance of beautiful scenery around you. We have numerous facilities to make your time on campus as enjoyable as possible. Why not relax during your downtime in our games rooms with your newfound friends. The Academy also participates in many national and global events and ensures its students have a balanced lifestyle.

Student Activities

There is a chance to take part in numerous activities. Students can show their civic pride during National Day and fun events such as barbeques are also held. Students can also enjoy a trip to Sharjah Book Fair.

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Student Event Participations

There is also an amazing opportunity to take part in industry regional events such as Breakbulk Middle East, where students can network with others in the maritime industry.

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Dormitory Guidelines

The Academy takes student welfare very seriously and certain rules are in place to ensure a happy and peaceful time for everyone. Curfews and checks are in place for students in the Academy's dormitories.

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Student Council

The student council at AASTS aims to give students the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance existing talents byorganizing and carrying out an array of activities and projects.

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