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AASTS Landmark Facts

200,000 m²

Main facilities at AASTS in Khorfakan

13,500 m²

State-of-the-art buildings


Scholarships for Sharjah students


The highest percentage of female maritime students in the MENA region

A role model for excellence in maritime education and research development

Marine Safety Center

Training Vessel

Students' Dormitory

Marine Simulators

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BBME 2020 Education Day

48th National Day

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AASTS Education Calendar and Maritime Events

industry news

April 16, 2020

The current pandemic has put shipping in a ‘Time Out’ situation. The whole industry is learning and adapting to this new reality on the fly, devising new methods of working virtually and remotely in real-time. Keeping pace with operational changes and clients' needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is rewriting the rules for all of us.


August 30, 2020

The Italian government stepped in Saturday to help an overloaded, stranded migrant rescue boat, funded by the British street artist Banksy, in the Mediterranean Ocean.


August 30, 2020

Following two years of careful development and thorough trialling, Kongsberg Maritime’s Dynamic Positioning Digital Survey (DPDS) application has been endorsed by Bureau Veritas (BV) through their designation ‘Approval in Principle’.


August 30, 2020

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states—accepting that black gold also needs a greener counterpart—have been playing catch-up over the past five years in the hope of sustaining their long-term influence in the global ­energy markets.


Student Testimonials

Meera Al Zaabi

The Maritime industry is always described as male-dominated, however, my perception of this has changed since I joined AASTS. There is no room for differentiation here. Male and female students are considered as equals and are provided with the similar opportunities and challenges. The faculty at the academy has instilled a sense of confidence in me and today I am of the opinion that if you believe in yourself and are determined everything is achievable, irrespective of your gender.

Maya Kamal Mohammad Moataz Kamal

I enrolled for the Maritime Transport Technology major that has two disciplines — port operations and offshore operations. When I decided that I wanted to pursue this course, I was a little skeptical because it is a known fact that the industry has a handful of women. But after starting my course at AASTS, I am elated with this decision of mine. When you’re at the Academy your gender doesn’t matter. My time at the academy has taught me that your drive to learn and grow in the maritime industry is over and above everything else. I know for sure that a world full of opportunities awaits me once I graduate from college.

Abdullah Al Naqbi

AASTS is preparing me to graduate from the academy in more ways than one. It has provided me with a solid foundation on Maritime Transport Technology. As I continue my studies, I constantly come across methods and concepts that help me attain in-depth information about the industry. Academics aren’t the only stronghold at AASTS, the academy focuses on the all-round development of all students. I, personally, have learned about several organizational values like teamwork, leadership, accepting challenges head-on, and many more.

Nawal Abdel Wahed

Every profession has its own challenges and the maritime industry is no different. It has always been considered as a male-dominated industry that presents unique challenges, especially for women. Despite this, I signed up for the Marine Engineering Technology major because I always dreamt of being a part of the maritime industry. I am grateful to AASTS because everyone at the academy, right from the faculty to my classmates have been encouraging and extremely supportive of women. My experience has not only taught me about the industry, but I have also learned several life lessons.

Abdullah Abdul Naser

As a student at AASTS, every day is a learning day. The insights I have received are invaluable. I would definitely advise aspiring maritime professionals to enroll at the academy if they intend to have a great career in the industry after graduating. The academy is a great place for education and also provides networking opportunities that can help aid a career in the maritime industry. If you want a challenging college experience AASTS is the right college for you.

Sulaiman Al Naqbi

Attending AASTS is one of the best decisions I have made. The academy provides a structured lifestyle, where you learn about discipline and leadership skills, while preparing for your career in the maritime industry. I know that eventually the hard work that I am putting in and the efforts of the faculty will pay off. I am thrilled to be studying at such a prestigious institute that boasts of reputable alumni.

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